scandiSearch offers you cost-effictive and professional services ranging from business development, recruitment, relocation to marketing and public relation.

bruessel2.jpgWe help you to pave the way and avoid pitfalls on a new market.
We make you „understand“ new languages, other cultures, laws and regional differences so you can take the right strategic decisions for starting up, expand and develop your business. We also help you to communicate your internal and external information cross boundries. For more information have a look at the sites Business Development and Marketing/PR

leistungen01.jpgA succesful start-up means you have a top team working for you. We support you building your Employer Brand Strategy so you can be succesful in attracting top talents to work for you.

scandiSearch has specialized in direct search for international companies in german speaking countries and Scandinavia. We work with own personal and softwareprogrammes. This guarantees you and the candidates full discretion, loyalty and respect all the way from the start of the search until the final presentation of the candidates.

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Wether you want to relocate a manager from Stockholm or New York to Germany or „just inside Germany.
scandiSearch will always give efficient relocation service and personal advice
and assistance, not just to the employee, but also to their family. This enables
arrivals to feel at home and get a good start in their new surrounding.


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